Do we consume so much garbage media because there is so much of it or is there so much of it because we consume it?

I think the answer is yes.

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Agreed but at one point in thier careers they all covered 2 very unpopular wars and the fallout back here at home before sitting behind the anchor desk. While still too young remember back then I have seen clips from Korea and Vietnam as well as the street protests back then. Savvy Old News Hounds...

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Mar 28, 2022Liked by Matt Labash

How could people not like you when you even go the extra step of researching how many calories are in a delicious Big Mac? I was hoping against hope you might have the answer to this problem, but I think your answer IS the answer, however sad that may be.

I made this similar point on one of MY sainted social posts and asked why there can't be a new, 24-hour news channel that looks a lot like CNN of the 80s and 90s (news every 15 minutes on the hour), with a mixture of clearly labeled left-wing and right-wing shows, and one that's a little of both? Some of my esteemed journalist friends (they are still esteemed and are still friends, as I believe there are far more in the field who do care) said, "Yeah, but no ... if that was possible, we wouldn't have Fox and MSNBC and CNN the way they look today. They evolved to this point because this is what people wanted."

Meanwhile, we continue and scream at each other with the talking points we hear from our favorite outlets.

I will dwell on this further while I'm at the gym later today, but I really, really, really want a Big Mac now.

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I like that Drudge - who likes to regularly link to things about sex robots, celebrity feuds and political hysteria - also linked to this.

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Not for nothing do their signs say “billions and billions sold.” Wrong! "billions and billions served" Get it right Labash.

As someone that supported the White House Media both domestic and internationally for 8 plus years of the Clinton Bush2 era, I witnessed the best of the worst when it came to journalism and news. The biggest of all types of media in the world vying to lie to the american public depending on what side of the fence you stood. Watching up close and personal the talking heads huddle with their producers and handlers looking for an obscure angle to stretch the truth for ratings or the scoop. I was often the unnamed source for some cheeseball news story on a slow WH news day or when on The Vineyard or The Ranch on Presidential Vacation. "How many scoops of Gelato did Bill get?" Did Senior actually spill BBQ sauce on Barb? Truth in reporting.

Where is Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, Hugh Downs, Chet Huntley.....

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Very nice piece as always, Matt. I find the media/fast food analogy very fitting. I know that as I got a bit older and wiser, I gave up both. The junk food I gave up mainly because I somehow managed to make enough money to afford real food. Which is pretty amazing considering I had nothing when I dropped out of high school at 17, but managed to retire at 55. And the media I gave up on because somewhere along the way, they lost all credibility for accurate reporting. In fact, it's not an exaggeration to say that probably >95% of the reporting across all MSM platforms contains glaring omissions, outright bias and/or shear incompetence. I mean, it's almost laughable that NYT, WaPo, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, or any of them, claim to be news organizations when what they really are is entertainment companies. It's to the point that the "paper of record" is about as reputable as Cosmo. Next you know, they'll have 5k word piece on "how to achieve the big O." Far as I can tell, about the closest thing we still have to a real newspaper is WSJ. And even there, you have a bunch of youngsters running the news division, with countless repetitious stories on all the hot button issues, like climate change (fka global warming), student loan forgiveness, and of course, hot fashion trends like whether it's cool to tuck in your sweater, or how to get one of those super cool Bass Pro Shop trucker hats. Which, now that I think of it, I do recall reading an entertaining piece on that last one. But it wasn't in WSJ. Rather, I found it on some obscure website. So, maybe that's what we need. More of those obscure sources and the pieces written by the smart, reasonable folks you find there.

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This got a Drudge link?

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The problem is the journalism schools don't teach journalism and everyone there wants to be on TV to cover the elitist celebutards. The media like Little Katie Couric is all over and friends with them all. Now THAT is the problem. When they won't cover what Hellery did to Trump, paying for that phony Russia story, when in the meantime she sold 20 percent of our uranium to Russia, that says it all about today's media. It is not us, it IS them!

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Pretty decent analogy, really. It is high calorie, low nutrition stuff that we like to consume most. Goes down easiest. Provides the most intense sensation *right now*, too. Now one’s got the patience to wait for anything much anymore.

I’ve got the problem that I’ve managed to subscribe to plenty of content, between various e-pubs and streaming services, and l’m content with the content, as it were. It’s calmer stuff for the most part for my addled nerves. It’s less likely to ignite fits of rage than glowing embers that degrade steadily to ashes on their own.

But now spring’s all sprung and Ma Nature’s trying to tear [stuff] up quicker than I can fix it. I’ve got to pick my battles outdoors cautiously for now. Except that I can go full chicken-hawk-verion of seal team six on the topic of Vladimir Putin, probably for the foreseeable future. As you were, soljah.

Anyhoo. I’m sure glad you can and do send correspondence. I’d sure hate to have to be responsible for keeping that up, too. Always find time for the music tips also. Grâce à toi, as we so often like to say here in southern West Virginia—if you’ll pardon our French.

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am killing myself laughing

loving all this red meat repartee

...and I'm a bloody vegetarian!!!

this must mean there is hope

hope for ALL our self righteous asses

and it's lookin to me

that our hope lies in humor

ah but you knew that all along

didn't you dear Slack Tide Matt

nobody can beat yours

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I have to drive 35-40 minutes to get to Arby's; how is that Smokehouse Brisket? Have you had the one with the Au Jus dip? Just curious as to whether I should drag my lazy butt over there...

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Spooky. This is the second time this weekend that Arby’s, which has never ever come up in my life, came up in my life.

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I remember the food fight description being applied to Crossfire way back. Such innocent times (and that was the Braden/Buchanan version).

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Mar 27, 2022·edited Mar 27, 2022

“I’m so hungry I could eat at Arby’s!”… Simpsons clip follows:


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laughing with glee

savoring y'alls comments

glad to be giving sanctimony a rest

having no Deep Wisdom to impart

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The answer is, yes. Or? it is to laugh.

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