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Stop With The Socks And Fruitcake

2022: The Year We Won't Forget

Was Jesus Woke?

The War On Christmas....Parties, That Is

Enjoy Every Sandwich

Mike's Last Stand

Silly Rabbits!

The Twidiot-in-chief

Is Donald Trump The Christ?

Jesus Christ, Soccer Star

A Neo-Luddite's Lament

They Say It's Our Birthday

Notes From Under Water

Pass The Mic - To Somebody Else

Is Trump Pushing Civil War?

What The Hell Is God's Problem?

Out On The Porch

A Year of Firsts and Lasts

South Toward Hell

Wokeism vs. "Semi-Fascism"

Step Right Up

Adult Swim

The End Of The World?

Letter To A Young Fiancé

Chronic Trump Fatigue

The Gmail Menace

Why A Little League Pitch Became a Major League Morality Tale

Doubting Thomas

Mr. Jones and Me

Inflation Frustration

Letting Go

Runnin' With The Devil

Looking Back In Joy Instead Of Ahead in Dread

"Demeaning" Work, A Defense

Free Range

Dirty Water

Happy(?) Fourth of July

American Judas



Going Dental

Semper Fly

Just For Show

Anger Management

A Defense of Smokers

Remembering The Cross Man

Our Mass Murder Problem

The Importance Of Admitting Uncertainty

Keep The Faith Unperverted

Dropping Christ From Christianity

Kickin' It Freestyle

On Writing

Do We Have To Talk About Abortion? (Yeah, I Guess)

Can Elon Musk Save Twitter, And Can Anyone Save Us From Twitter?

Whatsoever Things Are Lovely....

Against Performing Monkeys

Five Bluebirds, Mel Gibson, and Jesus Walk Into A Spirit Family Reunion

A Million Gone

Groundhog Day

The Man You Should Be Reading

Slap Happy: Who Needs Punched In The Mouth?

Our Media Disease

Rolling Out The Balls: It's Your Time To Shine

Fish Pics: A Dissent

Fire and Ashes and Tried Faith

Are We Cursed, Or Are We The Curse?

That Old Time Religion

State of Disunion

North of the Sun

Bombs Away!

P. J. O'Rourke, 1947-2022

Know Your Own Bone

Lost In The Woods

My One-Man Beijing Olympics Boycott

High Steaks

Haunted By Waters

Cover Up

The Divided States

Our Selfie-Inflicted Wounds

This Tired Old World

Going Paid

Was January 6 an Inside Job?

Against Sourness